Short Films・ショートフィルム

Ramen Dreams (2012)

Ramen Dreams, the short film I made about Chef Keizo Shimamoto, is a must see. (WARNING: Do Not Watch on Empty Stomach!)
Ramen Dreamsは去年 NYC Food Film Festival でベストショートフィルム賞をとった、僕の最新作です。是非チェックしてください!

Before Fukushima びふぉーフクシマ (2010)

Filmed in Fukushima, Japan at the studio of Master Potter, Masakazu Kusakabe (www.miharuarts.com/kusakabe).

Featuring Lani Callahan (www.lanipots.com).



Studio UFO (2010)

Firing pots with Masakazu Kusakabe in his Super Smokeless Kiln – Miharu, Fukushima Japan.
Filmed and Edited by Michael McAteer   撮影・編集ーマイケル・マカティア


Setsubun (2010)

The annual Setsubun festival at Yoshida Shrine marks the turn from winter to spring. Red, yellow and blue demons, representing various negativities, battle the primordial shaman, the Hososhi, who pushes them back to their proper place and restores cosmic balance. The festival, conducted every year on Feburary 2nd and 3rd, attracts 500,000 onlookers. It is a rare glimpse of an ancient Japanese rite which started here more than a thousand years ago. Filmed and Edited by Michael McAteer

Happy Holi!! (2010)

Holi, the festival of color is celebrated all over India in late Feburary… but nowhere so vigorously as in Varanasi. This footage was filmed and edited by Michael McAteer in Feb. 2010 and aired on Tokyo MXTV.


Kumbh Mela TV Report (2010)

Michael shares his original footage and stories from the 2010 Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, India on Tokyo MXTV.

Tokyo MXTVで、僕が撮影・編集した映像をつかってやらせていただいたクンブメーラのレポートです。(番組:ザ・ゴールデンアワー)


All Images Copyright Michael McAteer and Open Mind Vision